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Change of pace.

It's been since about August 2017 when I last spoke here, and a lot has happened since then. Job changes, mostly, but a lot of heart changes as well. I want to make sure I am conducting this blog for the right reasons. Writing just to write and hope for views, likes, comments, and shares is not what my walk with Christ ought to be about.

I came to the realization after reading posts from years ago that my life is not a dynamic path striving for being in the likeness of Christ. Rather, I have been stuck in a stoic hamster wheel, feeling the highs and lows of whatever circumstances I faced. That is not faith in the immemorial God who created me and neither leaves nor forsakes me. Faith is not based on emotions. Faith is based on wholehearted belief in the knowledge that God is never-changing. He is the foundation of the Body of Christ: the fellowship of believers, learning His Word together and standing together, holding each other up when we are weak. His birth, sacrifice, and resu…