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Bloggers' Spotlight: Ask Pastor John

John Piper is well known in Christian circles, and I recently ran into a podcast with an interesting title: "When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark." Being a person whose life is influenced greatly by music in their testimony, it was encouraging that I'm not the only one who scratches my head at some lyrics when I hear them.

Let John speak for himself >>>

God bless!


Lately, there hasn't been much to say because I frankly had been working 12+ hours in a day, so I didn't have the time. Another reason is that this season in my life has been rough. I have seen God in the fields of Kansas with the breathtaking views, but my walk with Him has been seemingly at a standstill. While in Kansas, with my crazy work schedule and inconvenient rural location, finding a church was difficult. Not having that Christian community to go to for encouragement was hard to be without. It reminded me of the time I was working on my senior research in Michigan and had no car--therefore, no church--and was left listening to audio sermons. How did I do it back then? Now, I'm yearning for my church family I left in South Carolina. I miss the friends I made and the community I left behind. Working with non-believers is heartbreaking as well. Pouring out to people and not having a community pouring back into me is an exhausting place to be in for an extended perio…