Home and family found in the Body.

I appreciate "On This Day" on Facebook because it does the work for me of looking back and seeing the crazy shenanigans I have posted in the past and reports back with what I posted on that particular day. It's marvelous, especially because I am a very sentimental person. A few weeks ago (I have been wanting to write this post for a while now--I have been tired and lazy), I got the above pictured "On This Day," and I was very close to crying.

Dear Younger Me, I love your fervor! Don't let the flame die out! 

Back around this time, I was in a state of making my faith my own. My testimony involves a lot of church hopping, and this time wasn't much different. I had a church to attend, but I didn't really have a church I could call home. I suppose that might explain why I yearn to go to church and the thought of skipping church for any reason is beyond my comprehension because I wasn't able to have stable attendance growing up.

Fast forward five years to February 26, 2017... I am in South Carolina, listening to a sermon on 1 Peter 5, but before any of the sermon starts, we have communion. Seeing the elders standing at the front of the church--my friends and brothers in Christ...all of whom I had NO IDEA who they were four months prior--being prepared to serve the bread and juice that signifies Christ's blood and body shed for us. It hit me then that I would have to say "see you later" sooner than later. It hit me with the realization that these people have made such an impact on my life in such a short time, it's going to be difficult to leave them.

After the service, I ran into one of our pastors (Grace on the Ashley Baptist has a really cool history, so long story short, we have two pastors), and I shared my sentiments with him. I got to telling him how it's bittersweet to leave because I'm leaving people I cherish, yet I am able to call this area of the country home because of the friends I have made. Pastor Frank echoed the thought by adding "...and you'll always have the Church no matter where you are." And that struck home for me. For the longest time--three months, but it felt like a lifetime--I felt alienated in Charleston County because I didn't have a church to call home. I can safely say I have found my home in Charleston, and I am very grateful for the fact that I will always have them.

I guess this is a thank-you and shout-out to my many church families: First Baptist Church of Cedar Springs, Trinity Baptist Church, Pawhuska Calvary Baptist Church, and Grace on the Ashley Baptist Church. God has brought you all into my life when I needed you most, and although I may be in a nomadic time of my life and will come and go, I don't like goodbyes, so I'll see y'all soon!

God bless!


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