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A look at Ezekiel.

Lately, I have been going through the Old Testament major prophets through a Bible plan on the YouVersion Bible app. Oh my goodness, guys. I have to tell you; the most difficult part of this reading plan so far is getting through Ezekiel. It isn't difficult like reading-through-genealogies-in-Exodus-without-falling-asleep difficult, but it's God-is-angry-and-He-is-not-afraid-to-show-it difficult. Why is God angry? His children are disobeying Him by creating idols and worshiping them. The most distinct depiction of how this relationship is going in a downward spiral is in Ezekiel 16 with Jerusalem depicted as an unfaithful wife. I have never heard the Bible so graphic in my days, but that is there for the whole world to see. Long story short: Jerusalem is using God's gifts to worship hand-crafted gods, and God won't have it. Jerusalem is getting what is coming to her.

It breaks my heart to see these people experience famine, war, and disease from the hands of God (and …

An analogy from under the sea.

We as Barrier Island naturalists have professional development every week, and we each have recently been responsible for making a presentation in any subject we like. The only catch is we have to pick a topic in which we can learn more about. This is a fabulous opportunity to gather more information to apply to our classes and see different teaching styles in the process (we're only able to peer-review and see each other teach once in a blue moon).

One thing I have learned so far was that with fouling communities (barnacles and other small epifauna--animals that live on the surfaces of objects), specifically talking about barnacles, have such a strong connection to the object they live on that five THOUSAND pounds of pressure needs to be applied to them in order to separate them.

My first thought and prayer when I heard that: "Lord, let me be attached to You as a barnacle is to a boat dock." Cheesy as that may sound, isn't that what we yearn to achieve? What's …

Do we KNOW God?

This morning's sermon was quite convicting: do we indeed know God? First, we need to clarify what we mean by knowing. Yes, I have a knowledge of Christ and what He has done, but this idea of knowing God is a more intimate and personal idea. DID YOU KNOW: The same Greek word is used in the context of "knowing God" and "knowing your spouse." It's clear you cannot have a closer relationship in this world than one you have with your spouse because you're one flesh with them! This is the relationship--the knowing--God yearns for us to have with Him. What happens then if we do not have this relationship?  Look at 1 Samuel 2:12.
"Now the sons of Eli were worthless men; they did not know the LORD." (TSK) What shocks me is the language in the King James Version, where rather than calling them simply worthless, they are called sons of Belial. Who's this Belial character? Why is he so bad? That is another name for the devil. Wow.

I know in my walk wi…

Home and family found in the Body.

I appreciate "On This Day" on Facebook because it does the work for me of looking back and seeing the crazy shenanigans I have posted in the past and reports back with what I posted on that particular day. It's marvelous, especially because I am a very sentimental person. A few weeks ago (I have been wanting to write this post for a while now--I have been tired and lazy), I got the above pictured "On This Day," and I was very close to crying.

Dear Younger Me, I love your fervor! Don't let the flame die out! 

Back around this time, I was in a state of making my faith my own. My testimony involves a lot of church hopping, and this time wasn't much different. I had a church to attend, but I didn't really have a church I could call home. I suppose that might explain why I yearn to go to church and the thought of skipping church for any reason is beyond my comprehension because I wasn't able to have stable attendance growing up.

Fast forward five yea…