No broken records. No broken records. No broken records.

I enjoy looking back in my journals and seeing what I was doing around this time last year. I thought I would see something drastically different and feel sentimental with how much has changed, but I surprisingly found that it wasn't far off from the present. That made me a bit discouraged. Have I been sitting in stagnant water for the past year, not progressing in my walk with Christ? I spoke with two friends about my concerns, and their responses reminded me of something: they say repetition is good for a developing brain. According to scientists, a person's brain doesn't fully develop until they are twenty-five. I still have some time before I reach that point, so I shouldn't be surprised when God gives me ample opportunity to learn a lesson, right?

In this stage of my life, moving from job to job with a relatively quick turn-around, I see the cycle clearly: two-thirds in to my job, I realize this position doesn't last forever, and my free time is devoured by searching Texas A&M jobs board for anything and everything. I get tired and discouraged from my countless cover letters for tech and grad positions, many of which get no response or apologies for choosing another applicant. Frustration and worry set in: what do I do after this?

If I was a gambling woman, I'd bet if you follow back the past year and a half, you could see this cycle happening in the midst of my blog posts. HOWEVER, there is beauty in the monotony. God is continually at work, and I can confidently say the frustration and worry are gradually being eliminated from the cycle. This time around, it felt different. I know God is at work, but it's sometimes hard to remember in the moment that is the case. This time around, I actively worked to replace worry with prayer, lifting my hands in full surrender and letting the knowledge of God's provision sink in.

Remember in November when I said I had no idea what was in store for me in May? The beauty of it is I DON'T NEED TO KNOW because God is already there and has all the details handled. What's really fun, though, is I now (as of New Year's Eve) know the title of the next chapter in my life:

CHAPTER XXIX*: Surveying grassland birds of Eastern Kansas. ETA 4 months, 14 days.

Yep! That's right! I got a job offer on NYE. Pretty nifty timing, eh? I am very excited for finishing out this semester strong at St. Christopher and high-tailing it over to Kansas for a field season. Praise God for His constant provision. He never gives up on us despite our tendencies to catch ourselves in ruts. He meets us where we are and knows exactly what we need. 

God bless! :)

*No, I'm not certain of my life story having 29 chapters. There's probably more. I'll have to count sometime. Remind me.


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