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Don't just sing.

Here's a little something I learned in church this past Sunday during worship. The lovely song "O Great God" is actually based on a Puritan prayer. It's almost word for word in some parts, and it brings a whole new beautiful dimension to the song in my opinion.

Look for yourself:

This reminds me of a time I was at youth group, singing along and minding our own business.. when out of nowhere, the youth pastor stops the music and asks us, "What was that you were just singing? Are you living that out?" Are our hearts singing along with our voices?

Maybe sometime I will break down the song and find Scripture references (similar to how I have done before). Wouldn't that be fun? =)

For now, dwell in God's greatness and pray as you sing.

God bless!

No broken records. No broken records. No broken records.

I enjoy looking back in my journals and seeing what I was doing around this time last year. I thought I would see something drastically different and feel sentimental with how much has changed, but I surprisingly found that it wasn't far off from the present. That made me a bit discouraged. Have I been sitting in stagnant water for the past year, not progressing in my walk with Christ? I spoke with two friends about my concerns, and their responses reminded me of something: they say repetition is good for a developing brain. According to scientists, a person's brain doesn't fully develop until they are twenty-five. I still have some time before I reach that point, so I shouldn't be surprised when God gives me ample opportunity to learn a lesson, right?

In this stage of my life, moving from job to job with a relatively quick turn-around, I see the cycle clearly: two-thirds in to my job, I realize this position doesn't last forever, and my free time is devoured by s…