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Way back when...

Looking forward is so encouraging because there is so much that could be done! HOORAY FOR POTENTIAL!The one exception is when the past reminds you of the pain you've experienced.

I greatly enjoy watching the Texas A&M jobs board because I like to see what jobs I could potentially be doing after this one. Some are full-time while others are technician positions. Tech jobs aren't glorious and don't pay very well, but if you're provided housing, it's perfect! You don't have to worry about a $500/mo. rent fee while being paid minimum wage, living with some pretty neat people, and getting awesome field experience. The problem, though, arises when I find a really cool job opportunity that I have all qualifications for.... and it hits me. Memories of my first technician position. It was a fantastic opportunity where I got along with fellow technicians, my housemates were phenomenal,but the work was tough and my boss was a poor communicator. He had perfectionistic…

Reflections on meeting Matthew

Living on opposite sides of the country is really weird. I thought it would be okay coming from Oklahoma when I moved to South Carolina; the humidity wasn't much of a surprise and I knew how to handle it mentally. What I couldn't prepare myself for was the hurricanes.

For those of you who pay attention to the news, you probably heard something about the destruction from Hurricane Matthew and, soon after, his little sister Nicole. Being on a literal barrier island off the coast of South Carolina, I knew we were going to get affected (one of the benefits of a barrier island is to be a--you guessed it--barrier for the mainland when it comes to storm surges and the like). I knew the hurricane was coming, and being from Michigan, where the worst thing we have to deal with is lake-effect snow, I was expecting the worst. The Charlestonians of the group assured me this was a category 2 hurricane (whatever that means), and there was nothing to worry about. On Tuesday, I was walking my …