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Who are we in the Bible? Part Three.

This time around, I couldn't make a witty or goofy title of this post simply because it took me forever to find part two, but who can complain? This title rhymes! Ha! Anyway, I digress... So, who'd'a thunk? I'm off and away again to an uncharted land in my book: South Carolina. What is sending her there? Good question! I'll be in the southeastern tip of South Carolina for the next nine months (an entire school year) teaching ecology to 4-6th grade students at St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center. Yay!

I'm trying to remember back to when I was preparing for Oklahoma, and it's interesting to see the differences in my attitude toward leaving and starting a new job in a new town. I should be more prepared for this endeavor, right? For crying out loud, I drove across the country to chase birds!

What's different, though, is my feeling of adequacy. When leaving for Oklahoma, I had a general idea of what my work day would be like based on my previous bir…