A Letter to the Worry Wart

"Cast ALL your anxiety on him because he cares for you." --1 Peter 5:7.

Mornings alone in the field are interesting. The silence (with small breaks in between for point counts) is a great opportunity for God to give me a news flash. Here's a little letter to worry warts/spazzes/control freaks/etc. out there, including myself (especially myself):

Hey Spazz,

In case you were wondering, you are human. What does that mean? You are not perfect and never will be. Don't strive for it by attempting to have all control. Frankly, there are times in which you cannot have control no matter how hard you try. In my experience, it only gives you a reward of disappointment and defeat. Here's a scenario that will give you a little something to think about:

For my research, I need to wade through midsection-high grasses and follow a GPS to point counts where I listen to birds for fifteen minutes and record where they sing. Cool, right? Not so much when you're in an open field, it's raining, and shelter is your vehicle a good six-minute walk away. Anyway... this morning, I walked down the road a little before heading into the grass when I thought I saw a flash in the sky. The sky looked like there could be something, but there weren't storms forecasted, so maybe it was heat lightning? I made my way into the grass, and I heard thunder in the distance. If it starts lightning out, I'm in trouble. I'm the tallest thing in a two-hectare radius. I couldn't turn back, though, because I was already halfway to the point and the birds were still singing despite the scary looking morning, so I continued. Rain starts pouring down, and the only thing I can think is Please no lightning, God. I want to go back, but I need to get the point counts done. The rain was annoyingly soaking my paper (we were out of Rite in the Rain... perfect timing, right?!) and I was drenched.

As I continued to pray for my safety, Kutless popped into my head: "And when Your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me." Once the rain lightened up, I looked to the right over the hill and started to see light peak over. Looking to the left, I saw the entirety of a magnificent rainbow among the nasty dark clouds. What I once feared, I looked at then with pure joy. Remembering God's promises, remembering God's love, is what brought me peace this morning.

"Joy unspeakable; Faith unsinkable; Love unstoppable; Anything is possible." --Casting Crowns.

So with all of this in mind, why are you fretting again? Is your anxiety going to get you anywhere? Pray! Pray your anxieties away. Let's not fret over the rain. Instead, we can wait it out and watch the sunrise while seeking the rainbow!

Your friend,
Your fellow spazz,


God bless! :)