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Remember God.

It's quite apparent that blogging is unfortunately not high on my priority list, but I am still here, and most importantly, God is continuously working behind the scenes of daily life.

The environment of living at a scientific field research base is interesting. There is a system of who gets what space in the refrigerator, hiking is a must, and fishing for dinner (quite literally fishing in the lake on site and frying the fish that night) is a definite possibility. All of this is wonderful, but this field station is one step closer to the real world in a sense that profanities are thrown about without a second thought and nobody goes to church. The Christian bubble no longer keeps me safe, and I am the minority. All of this may be the case, but my constant prayer is that I see God in the many detailed steps of my day. I praise Him for the details because I know He orchestrates them for my good. Pictured is a cup fungus a few friends and I found while we went on a hike one evening…