He never ceases to amaze.

What we define as a cliche is not much of a cliche unless it is overstated, making us misrepresent the importance of the statement. When talking about "Christian cliches," we are sometimes simply going through the motions in attempts to comfort ourselves or others by saying that God has a reason for our struggles and will provide peace in our tribulations. Well, that's great and all, but it doesn't mean much while I'm struggling. The meaning is certainly there, but we don't see it at the time. It's when we see God working that our eyes open to the truth of these "cliches."

I'm not particularly fond of the idea of my family moving to a different state despite my wanderlust (ironic, eh?), so when my parents kick into overdrive of finding a new house out of state... needless to say, my first reaction is that I'm a bit upset. Typical, right? There are so many memories in this house: it's my HOME. What am I going to do without this house, having my family go God-knows-where? Our future home is in the balance... fog is rolling in... can't see a thing (there's a path ahead of me?)... being distraught is exhausting. God, HELP!

Genesis 12.

Abram and Canaan? Darien and the real world.

Would you look at that? That's God at work! God really DOES speak through His Word. God really DOES come into our rough patches of life and provide peace. God really DOES need to give me a V-8 in the face because I'm so ignorant.

The truth of the matter is that I don't have to be distraught over where my family is going because God is already there, and I don't need to know all of the details because all I have to do is acknowledge that He is ever-present and working in these circumstances.

Constant thanks go to Him for being so gracious and loving despite my forgetfulness and doubts. He never ceases to love and amaze me.

Lord, You are amazing. Never let me forget that. In these circumstances ...in any circumstance for that matter..., I can't control the variables. They are all in Your hands, and I pray that I will keep my eyes and heart toward Heaven, remembering that You do what is in the best interest of Your children because You love us. Lead us in this new chapter of our lives. Amen.

God bless! :)