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Take heed! Potential danger ahead!

A bouquet of poinsettias looks innocent. The radiant color lights up the room and somehow brings peace to a mind that has constantly been in flight during a long day. Looking skin deep, this may be the case, but if we look a little deeper, there are dark intentions behind its sitting on the windowsill. Within the veins of this plant is a milky sap that is a potential danger to young children and pets if touched or consumed (there have only been two confirmed deaths due to consumption of this plant).

With this scenario in mind, let me tell you a story:
Walking into the dining hall of a castle, it's the sight you would usually see in a movie set in the 1500s: long, sturdy, possibly made of concrete, tables that stretch from one end of the room to the other with each side packed with happy and rowdy people. Nothing is too out of the ordinary until I walk along the side of the room and notice that different people are served distinctly different kinds of soups: one kind is a nasty lo…