For the wandering and lost.

I love Pathways Community Church. One thing I greatly appreciate in particular is before starting the sermon, the pastor opens up the floor for community prayer so people can lift up prayer that is laid upon their hearts. I don't have the guts to pray aloud before the congregation, but this is what God laid on my heart this past Sunday:

Lord, the world is a dark and dirty place. Satan has definitely made certain of that. As we sit here this morning, many souls are being lost simply because they don't see God in their lives. I love the church, Father, but I plea to You: never let us forget that the church is beyond these four walls. Help us to go out and shine Your light in the dark. We yearn to be Your ambassadors. Work through us, Lord. It's the greatest privilege I could ever imagine.

We need a sense of urgency as followers of Christ. Our family and friends need our prayers. Whether it is us or someone else that comes into their lives, these people need Jesus. God works in marvelous ways. Never give up on them. Continue to show God's love to them. You may be the closest thing to a witnessing opportunity they experience.

God bless!