Here's Happy! :)

Babies have arrived! :) 6-21-14
I don't like the fact that I've been a Debbie Downer the past couple posts. I want to share God's beauty and splendor amongst all of the evil of this world. Satan can't win a battle that God's already won, and the heavens above and all creation below constantly declare God's glory! :)

Beautiful sunset on the lake.
I don't think I could ever get sick of this view.

The following animal pictures are from my Animal
Ecology class that I'm taking this summer. :)
Field work is so much fun! ...when we aren't being
eaten by mosquitoes.
Pictured: Northern Red-Bellied Snake

Pictured: White-footed Mouse
We caught it in a Sherman trap we set out for class. :)

I've found a new hobby: kayaking!

It's like a painting. Gorgeous!
We found tadpoles while wading in the pond on campus.

Pictured: Eastern Garter Snake

Pictured: Painted Turtle

Pictured: Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

God bless! :)

P.S. Apparently the American Toad wants to make a grand entrance because I have no idea how to shrink the picture (it doesn't show up on the page when I go to edit the post. O.o NINJA TOAD!). Ah well, I suppose. :)