"Just call My Name."

Prayer. To some, it's monotonous. To others, it comes completely natural. There are some people who are afraid to pray or don't feel worthy to call on God because of what they've done or think of doing. Remember that God sent Jesus to redeem you because He loves you. Prayer is the one thing that we constantly look over because we don't directly see the results of its power, but when we do, we shrug it off and call it a coincidence (I've done it before, and I felt like a fool after the fact).

There are other people, and I believe these people break my heart the most, that don't pray because they don't feel they need to. I struggle with this too: I always run to God when trials come my way, but I fail to praise Him through the sunny days. Prayer is essential through the storms and the walks in the park. God yearns for a relationship with us, and prayer is a way to initiate a relationship with Him. Your prayers don't just bounce off the ceiling either. God cherishes our prayers and He answers them in His time in the ways He sees fit. He knows best for us, so all we ought to do is trust Him and know He will provide.

Yes, there are times when days are so dark, you feel like your prayers are useless and dark days turn to dark months and years. In these times, we cannot give in to the hopelessness we feel. All else fails, just say JESUS. Call His name from the mountaintops!

Goodness.. there was only one song I wanted to share in this blog, but two others popped into my head that I feel I ought to share as well. Enjoy them, and be encouraged.

God bless!