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"Just call My Name."

Prayer. To some, it's monotonous. To others, it comes completely natural. There are some people who are afraid to pray or don't feel worthy to call on God because of what they've done or think of doing. Remember that God sent Jesus to redeem you because He loves you. Prayer is the one thing that we constantly look over because we don't directly see the results of its power, but when we do, we shrug it off and call it a coincidence (I've done it before, and I felt like a fool after the fact).

There are other people, and I believe these people break my heart the most, that don't pray because they don't feel they need to. I struggle with this too: I always run to God when trials come my way, but I fail to praise Him through the sunny days. Prayer is essential through the storms and the walks in the park. God yearns for a relationship with us, and prayer is a way to initiate a relationship with Him. Your prayers don't just bounce off the ceiling either. God…

Shape me, Lord! Have Your way in me!

If you're a human being, you understand at one point or another the heartbreak of seeing a person not acting fulfilled or appreciative of a gift that you put so much thought and heart into getting them, yet they throw away your consideration as if it is nothing. God feels this, too, every single day.

Before we were born, God had an idea in mind of the exactness of how we would be created: the purpose we would have, the gifts and talents we would possess, what difference we would make during our short times on Earth, everything. He knew before we were conceived what our strengths would be, our goals and ambitions, our first loves... He also knew before we were conceived what our family dynamics would be, our greatest insecurities, fears, and weaknesses. All of this was brought to us as a gift of identity, wrapped with the Great Commission that God calls us to live for.

What happens instead? We magnify the flaws in our lives and complain:I could be stronger, I could be smarter, Why…