Left: 2013 Family Christmas party + best friend + winning the gnome = GREAT NIGHT:)
Right: Last year's NYE party with Leni and Ryan Seacrest. Haha!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, a very Merry Un-Birthday to you, and Happy Kiss-A-Ginger day (didn't know about this one until this evening. Crazy, eh? O.o)! Phew. I think I got everything...

God certainly provides at all times. From our last litter of three puppies, the last (but certainly not least, the porker is just like his daddy! haha) went to his forever loving home yesterday. Everyone is so happy! Praise God! :) And of course there were plenty of laughs (see below).

My Shih Tzu, Moose, is dressed as a pig. Talk about identity issues! :)

I pray that you all had a great start to your 2014 and have a blessed year! Let's see where God takes this blog and all of us this year. :)

God bless!