Who do we resemble most in the Word?

Who do I resemble in the Bible? This is a question I have never been asked before, and when I was asked it last night in small group, I was at loss for words because I had no idea. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I just point at a passage and say, "Yep! This is the person I connect with the most because I know exactly what they're going through." Everyone else said a name right off the bat--Abraham, Jonah, Lot, etc.--they obviously have put more thought into it than I ever have. Have I been reading the Bible wrong all these years? Was there a memo I missed? Am I supposed to think of these sorts of questions when I read? It occurred to me that it's not only the "popular" saints that are major players in this Story. There are so many behind-the-scenes faces that we don't get to know too often but have an impacting role to play.

Who am I?

I am Gomer: the prostitute wed to Hosea. Reading Gods at War opened my eyes to see the real card players that stand in line to gamble for my heart. Each one stands in the spotlight, snickering as it sees its work unfold my sanity, my heart, and potentially my soul. I am a prostitute of the world, yet God looks at me not with disgust but love: the raw emotion that no sappy romance novel can depict except His romance novel. God pursues me despite my wickedness. God reaches out to embrace me despite the grotesque words scrawled across my heart, declaring the deeds I have done.

That is why I, too, am the Prodigal Son. I am so blinded by the ways of the world that I cannot see God's hand straight in front of me. I run away. Day after day, I flee from the Promise. I break and re-break the heart that pours out unconditional love and grace to me. I think I know better, only to fall again at His feet, begging for mercy. How could I be so ignorant? How could I be so arrogant? Everything I have done before could not have been done without my Father. I feel the shame. I feel the confusion. Most of all, though, I feel the love.

That love is not received by any sort of deed, yet I set myself in higher standard compared to some of my brothers and sisters. Why, fellow Edomites, do we feel like we have the right to set ourselves on pedestals? The higher we stand, the harder we fall. God will set us in our places. All glory goes to Him. Without the breath of life that God provided to us in the beginning, we would continue to be dust of the earth.

This is who I resemble, but this is not who I am. I am God's child. My identity's in Him.
I didn't have this revelation until after I prayed. God answers our questions in due time. While you wait, God shows you more about yourself. You just have to be willing to listen.

I pray tonight, God, that You would open our hearts, minds, ears, and eyes to the things that You want to teach us. Not only do we want to hear and see those lessons and know how to comprehend and apply them to our lives, Lord, but we want to dwell in Your greatness. We want to know You more and more and more! Help us to turn to You and Your Word and hold tight to the promises You have for us. Help us to be humble in our service for You. Not our wills, but Yours alone. Amen.

God bless! :)