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Internet isn't all bad.

I am well aware that it has been too long since I have written. It really stinks when you have thirteen credit hours, but it feels so much like nineteen. #BioMajorProblems Anyway, through all the running around like a chicken with my head cut off, God has definitely been at work.

Last year, I applied for a mentor: a person that could help me through the transition from high school to college, giving me advice and encouragement along the way. She definitely helped me through the bumps I encountered in the road of freshman year, and that relationship made me want to be that person for another freshman: help them through their problems, share the experiences that I have gone through so maybe a freshman girl wouldn't have to go through the pain that I experienced. Well, with my class schedule running up the wazoo, I don't know if having a mentee would be the best idea since I am going all hours of the night studying. I digress.
Over the summer, I was going through a lot of things…