Thinking out loud.

On Google+, I found a community called "Trusting God 4 Everything." I love finding communities of believers on social networking sites. It's such an encouragement for me, being able to look to other Christians, reading their posts and looking at their pictures. Along with those posts, though, are their blogs--they're bloggers like me! :)

The problem with that, though, is that I might be ADD or something because I can't just sit there and read someone's blog post! I mean no disrespect, but some blog posts are so long! After thinking of this, I looked to my blog posts for the past two or three days, and I realized how lengthy my posts can be. Are readers struggling to concentrate when reading my posts? Or are they browsing through the endless words and calling it quits because it isn't worth their time? Does length have to do with the success of a blog post when it comes to giving a message? I mean, there are some times where you can't cut things out because it wouldn't do the subject justice, but does length kill the power of the message in some way? Is short-and-sweet the better route to go?

Opinions? Thoughts? Concerns?