I'm childish for five seconds. Bear with me. :)

Nederland is altijd zo mooi? Het is al mijn droom sinds ik herinner me niet om hier te bezoeken. Gods schepping is werkelijk adembenemend, en de molens zijn zo cool, ook!

Yes, I used Google Translate. Yes, I am ashamed considering the fact that I'm 50% Dutch, but I don't think any of my 100% Dutch relatives know any Dutch either, so I guess I'm off the hook for now. Yes, I am aware that Google doesn't 100% successfully translate because of different dialects and the fact that the English language has words that other languages don't even have words for, but I love how cool the language looks!

I hope to someday visit this beautiful country. Yes, I just chose sunset pictures, but God's creation is so magnificent, and it's seen on every corner of the globe (yes, that is an oxymoron because, technically, globes don't have corners because they're spherical, but you get what I mean)!

God bless! // God zegene!