He calls us friend!


"I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you." --John 15:15.

#1: She thought she could trust her best friend. They walked through elementary school together like sisters, so why would this happen to her? Her best friend told the guy she liked that she liked him! That's a sister code no-no right there. Why would she stab her in the back like that? Now their friendship will never be the same because trust was broken.

#2: He felt honored to make this connection across the sea, especially with the way that he encouraged him through everything that he was going through: it's very tough to live life after a city-wide arrest. He's running for his life. With his wife and child dead, he's alone. His heart breaks for him and feels the need to help him in some way. After emptying his bank account to assist him financially, he finds out that it was all a lie. Now he is broken by the feeling that he was taken advantage of by his friend.

#3: They promised to be friends forever. They told each other everything and considered each other siblings after such a short time. She should have seen the signs, but she was blinded by what she thought was love. After some time, he began to play her--going from girl to girl, saying that he liked them--even though he knew how she felt. Even though that was the case, she still held on to the hope that things could be the way they were before. He later finds himself in a committed relationship and tells her to refrain from speaking to him. Sitting in shock, she feels her heart shatter as she looks back to what they used to be and feels an emptiness inside from the abandonment.

Friends will come and friends will go, but one thing remains: Jesus Christ. Although friends will betray us, abandon us, and take advantage of us, God will still have the same love for us yesterday, today, and forever: the same love that held Jesus on the cross for us.

God bless!

**Based on three true stories**