Why, hello there, shoulder!

The craziest things in my day spark inspiration for this little URL:

As I was walking the vanity mirror from my room, down the hallway, and into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror rather than where I was actually going and I felt my balance go a little off: as if my feet were confused as to where they were actually stepping. Then it hit me: this is what we do when we constantly look in the past rather than what is right in front of us right now. Before we know it, we could be swept off our feet, falling on our butts because we don't know where we're walking.

Rather than looking around in the present, we look over our shoulders and try to relive what has already happened: a part of us that we can no longer control because it's permanently written in the history books. While we're doing that, there are many things --God-given opportunities-- that we look past because of our sight being skewed by experiences that cause us to make a standstill.

We can't be deer in headlights if we want to serve the Lord: sure, there are experiences that we miss, experiences that we regret, and experiences that we would love to relive; but we can't.

The phrase "forget the past" is often thrown at our faces when we look back to a part of our lives that have broken our hearts in some sort of way, but we shouldn't ever forget our past. Instead, we should learn from what has happened. God has a reason for every little thing that happens in our lives: good and bad. It's usually because He's trying to tell us something in the way of showing us. Every experience in our lives is God's way of shaping our lives --our hearts and, essentially, our testimonies-- in ways that we could never imagine. Our testimonies will change the life of someone someday.

Don't live life in regret. Don't waste time wishing that you could go back and change things. God has you where you are for a reason. Praise Him for that! Continue to ask Him how you can serve Him. He has a plan. Trust Him.

Aaaaaannnddd... of course, I'm reminded of a song.

God bless!


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