Whatcha think?

I know with me, I survive off the opinions of others. It's a sad truth, but it's truth regardless. My love language test calls it "words of affirmation." The problem with that, though, is that what people say is exactly that: something that a person said. Every person has their flaws, and that includes their judgment as well. You can't solely depend on what people say in order to live your life.

Rather than depending on others to know how you should live or what you should do in your life, look to God and what He wants for you in your life. You can see what He wants from you in your life all throughout His Word.

Don't worry what others may say or think about you. You ought to know right now that you cannot please every person in your life, no matter how hard you try (trust me, if you try, it's very exhausting). God has a tendency to call us out of the crowd to do great things. Some of those times, you will indeed be left alone because the people around you persecute you due to your belief. We need to brace ourselves for those circumstances because they are bound to happen, but it is not a reason to be discouraged!

Oh goodness... This picture says so much more than what I initially thought. When I saw this picture posted on my news feed on facebook, I saw the top half and thought, "Yeah! Don't let others' opinions control you!" But read the bottom! You need to fear what God would say about you. This is the God of all things. He sees you as a jem amongst a field of coal. We, to Him, are the only person on this earth and He cherishes us so much! ....what we need to keep in mind, too, is that He has power. We cannot underestimate that fact. He can move mountains. He created everything by simply saying "let it be so!" Although people may condemn us or praise us, as we sit at the judgment seat, God is the ultimate power that either allows us into Heaven or sends us to burn with Lucifer in Hell. We ought to care about what God wants for us in our lives. He knows the best, after all! :)

God bless!


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