One's scraps is another's delicacy!

Scallops, shrimp, and two different kinds of sausage over rice.
Mmmmmmmm! :)
When I first started this blog, for reasons that I haven't a clue, the first thought that came to mind for a blog topic was the idea of leftovers and how awesome they are. For me at my house with my family, leftovers are very frequent because I have been blessed with a mother who is built for a big family (she cooks for an army! :D).

One great thing about leftovers is that as time progresses (until the third or fourth day where the food goes bad... Sad truth :/), the taste of the food and the amount of love in the food (always have to have love in food!) doesn't go away, so you have the same deliciousness more than once in the same week!

A second thing about leftovers that, I think, is one of the most important parts with how hyped up society is today, and that is the fact that it's easy to prepare! All you need to do (depending on what the food is, I guess...) is put it in the microwave for no more than two minutes and voila (that's French for "There it is!" Look at that! Leftovers are gettin' classy)!

A third thing that is so clever about leftovers is when they begin to bombard your refrigerator and you don't feel like cooking anything new because you have a refrigerator full of scraps is when you have a leftover SHMORGISBORG! Don't know what that crazy German-looking word means (trust me, it's NOT German)? It practically means, "Empty the fridge of leftovers and warm them all up. Then take your pick of what you want to eat!" It's like a little buffet every Saturday night. Everyone's happy, it's good bonding time, and no food goes to waste. It's a win-win-win. :) Possibilities are endless when it comes to leftovers. You could even make brand NEW dishes with different leftovers. Add a bit of spices or sauce or noodles or whatever! Aaahhh! Now I'm hungry... Seafood for dinner tonight. Whoop!

Adding funny faces to our hamburgers! :P

C'est LE FIN (that's French for "It's the end!" Look at us! We're getting classier by the second!).


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