#NerdinessIsShowing....to the extreme.

This morning, I got one of my textbooks in the mail for my Botany class that I'm taking this Fall. I was a bit concerned due to the fact that I'm taking Ecology along with Botany (which is a prerequisite for Ecology).... I looked through my Botany textbook Introductory Plant Biology and looks like a lot of what we went over in Introduction to Biological Science class last semester. I think I'll do just fine. Praise God! :) I'm so geeked for this Fall. It's going to be a blast with Botany, Ecology, AND Chemistry I for my science courses (Gee, I wonder what I'm majoring in) along with some tennis as my activities course.

After having my excitement rant (more than I should have) over my mail, I went out and fed the tadpoles that my dad brought home from work a few weeks ago. According to AllAboutFrogs.com, they like lettuce. Why lettuce? I have no idea. My guess is because it resembles algae, and I know how little pond critters love munching on that stuff. Well, along with buying a special head of lettuce for the tadpoles (we humans of the house eat it too. SHH! Don't tell them!), it has to be minced, boiled, and put in ice cubes. What on Earth? Would you like some caviar with that, Chancellor? Oh, wait, your friends are probably fish. Nevermind! Exnay on the ishfay! Nevertheless, holy cow! That's picky for a little squirt, but I did it anyways, and I think I had more fun than I should have. Ha! That happens to me too often. Anyway, I had some fun freezing boiled lettuce for tadpoles and took the liberty of using the star-shaped ice cube tray that was in the freezer. I have to keep the festive theme going, right? Can't just have lame squares in the terrarrium for those little babies! They need to dream! Reach for the stars and all that jazz (literally swim.. until it melts..)!

I, to be honest, lost count when I fed them last (they're supposed to be fed every five to six days; otherwise, their water will get too gross, and the little Chancellors need CLEAN and CLEAR water ALWAYS. Good golley, those things are so picky!), so I gave them another ice cube this morning. Their legs are growing more and more every day!! It's so cute!! :D I can't wait to see them get bigger. It's so fun to see the development of God's creation. That's kind of why I want to be an environmental biologist. My Zoology and Intro to Bio Science professor (note the singular "professor": he was the same guy :D) taught us that as we dig deeper into the creation of God, we can learn more about the Creator. That's such an awesome thought! Seeing how trees grow and interact with its environment, how different species interact altogether, seeing frogs grow from tadpoles... AH! It's all so beautiful.

If you look closely, you can see the little legs growing.
Ahhh! So cute!

See the star? :) Haha!


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