Living Proof is on the WWW!

I am aware that when you type a URL in the bar, you completely skip the "www." part. Am I the only one? Maybe. Maybe not. I digress. What I'm really excited about is that I got the opportunity to be a devotional writer for my Bible study group at school that my friend started up this past year. We call ourselves Living Proof (check it out on the Community page). What a blessing! I've been told by a friend that I've been gifted by God with writing abilities after they read a couple of my posts, and I guess this is an opportunity to strengthen those abilities all for the glory of God! I'm so excited! I pray that God will inspire me and that He'll give me the words to say. My friend told me that I'm developing my own style of writing. My response: "I've always had a style. I guess I just needed a reason to use it." It's true! We're all given gifts and talents that are unlike any others' gifts that God has given us. We are responsible to use those gifts for encouragement and positivity, furthering the kingdom of God, not using them for our own personal gain or degradation of others.

So yeah! Keep a look out on what we're up to. :)

God bless!


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