Latenight rants happen once in a blue moon.

This quote (see picture) speaks such an amazing truth. It most certainly touched my heard, and I need to not only read it and say, "Yes, I agree!" I must live it out as well. I'm blessed with today. Tomorrow isn't absolute. I want to live on fire for Christ no matter what I do, no matter who I'm with, no matter where I am. I want to trust in Him because I know He knows the big picture. I'd be foolish to do otherwise.

Please, if you see this post, pray for me? I pray tonight that you--yes, YOU!--will take a look up to God tonight (errr... this morning, rather...) and see how GREAT He is in comparison to your life. That's not a bad thing at all! If anything, it's such a comfort in the amazing truth that we have that constant provision and we haven't a need to worry about ANYTHING in our lives. Anything you name, God has it all under control because the entire human race is sitting in the palm of His hand right now. God's greatness is indescribable, guys! Never forget the God you serve and how great He is. Don't get caught up in the moment. Look up and see the arms that will catch you when you fall. Every moment has a purpose, and we may not know that purpose until we stand before God on Judgment day.

God bless!


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