He is jealous for us!

My brain is structured so I know things, but I don't know them well enough to explain what exactly it means, so when I showed someone a cool shirt design that I liked (courtesy of NOTW, see left) and they asked me, "What do you mean Jesus is jealous for me? That just sounds silly," I'm taken aback by the question because it's common knowledge for me. What does it mean for Jesus to be jealous for us? I didn't know exactly how to answer them at the time, but when I was talking to my sisters about Christ and how He's jealous for us, the same question popped up, and I came up with an answer: Jesus is jealous for us because He doesn't want us to worship anyone else BUT Him. He loves us so very much and desperately wants that relationship with us. He wants it so much that He died on the cross for us so we could spend eternity with Him.

Who else would we worship? God is the only TRUE God there is in this whole world: yesterday, today, and forever. So who is Jesus fighting for our love? There are many things. In the Old Testament days, there were idols that were carved out of stone or shaped out of gold or silver (for example, see yesterday's post). There isn't much of that going on in modern-day America that I see, so what else is there? There are things that we wouldn't think of as "worshiping" like money, sex, food, jobs, school, people, etc. that we idolize in our daily lives without even realizing it.

God shouldn't just be a floating variable that makes up our lives. He wants to be the center of it all.

God bless!


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