Break down those walls!

The headliner at BTF on day one: SKILLET! :)
My favorite picture out of all three days by far.
Gotta love pyrotechnics! :D
I'm going to be completely honest with you: I have a thing for Christian Rock concerts. Well, I guess I have a thing for Christian concerts in general. It all started in 2011 when my family and I were blessed with the opportunity (thanks to WaYFM) to go to all three days of the Big Ticket Festival (BTF) in Ionia, Michigan, for free. It was my first time that I was able to go to a concert in general, but it was so cool being able to go to a Christian festival featuring so many great names like Skillet, Toby Mac, Newsboys, Fireflight, Attaboy, Sidewalk Prophets, Leeland, KJ-52, Group 1 Crew, Remedy Drive, Parachute Band, Sanctus Real, The Afters, and many more. Since 2011, I've been to BTF 2011, Unity Christian Music Festivals 2011 and 2012, Worship on the Waterfront (twice in 2012), and Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013. I guess I can safely say I'm a Christian concert junkie.

The greatest thing at Big Ticket Festival that stuck to me wasn't the ability to see a lot of my favorite bands live in the same spot, but the thought of community with fellow believers in the Body of Christ. Growing up, I had embedded in my mind the image of "the church" as a brick building with a steeple, pastor, and pews, but the church is beyond those four walls which is such an encouragement to someone who struggles to find a church that she and her family can call "home".

With Phil Stacey at Worship at the Waterfront in Grand Haven, MI.
It was a completely different atmosphere, standing among a bunch of strangers (some traveling thousands of miles to go to the same festival that I was blessed to attend pretty much right down the road!) that believed the same God I do, going through similar circumstances that I do, trusting the same God to hold them when discouraged. That feeling was definitely something that I had never experienced before, coming from a public school background. My eyes were opened to the greatness of the Body.

Whether we go out and serve others or stand in the pouring rain to fist pump to modern Christian rock artists that cause your ears to ring hours after they perform, we can leave the four walls and still continue to give praise to God, worshiping how great He is. There are so many ways to worship our loving Father. Let us not confine ourselves to the walls that we unconsciously build. Let us use our gifts, passions, and personalities to continuously give praise to God!

NewSong featuring Dave from Sidewalk Prophets at Rock & Worship Roadshow!
"Arise, My Love. The grave no longer has a hold on you!"
Amen! :)

God bless!


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