Branching from the Sci-Fi post...

Thinking about the power of words, it brought me to a song that is VERY popular as of right now. I didn't know how I would like Hawk Nelson now that Jason Dunn (the old lead singer) left the band and did his own thing, but I like the new guy! Anyway... the idea of the power of our words brought me to the song "Words" by Hawk Nelson.

My favorite part of this song is the beginning:
"They make me feel like a criminal; they make me feel set free. They make me feel like a prisoner: make me feel like a king."
It's true. The words that we say kind of define who we are in an interesting way. Yeah, that makes sense because the things being spoken are coming from our brain, which is the root of our being...kind of. Our soul has that role, but you get what I mean, right?

"I don't want to say a word unless it points the world back to You."

God bless!


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