Another dork moment.. sorry guys! XD

Here's a check-up on our little frogs (I'm thinking three of them are Spring Peepers. I'm not sure yet, though...):

Three of them are already looking like little baby frogs with their tails off and their legs are helping them hop around on dry land now! :D Two others are still in their tadpole bodies with their little legs still trying to sprout. Then there's the little slowpoke that still hasn't grown legs yet! No worries though. :) It's just a late bloomer. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon.

This is the view from outside of the tank.
They might be part Tree Frog. :P

A little bit of the rock is out of the water now,
so the ones that lost their tails can get used to hopping on land! :D

They're so tiny! They're as big as my finger nail! :)

One of the frogs is sticking on the wall.
That's what's in the bottom-right corner.


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