And the frog adventure comes to a close...

I know it's been a while since I've posted about my little environmental biology project (raising six tadpoles into their adult forms). It's because it came to a rough halt this past Sunday (6-23) when three of the frogs passed away, and the last tadpole (ending up being a toad, or so we assumed because of its large size) also passed away. On Sunday, however, I got to let two little frogs into the wild to (hopefully) grow into full grown frogs! :) It was so cool because they were both the same size, but they were different color morphs. They may have been different species of frogs, but I'm not sure: one of them was really bright green with brown-ish spots while the other one was a bit of a murky charcoal kind of color all throughout. It was so cool to see the difference right next to each other... as they were sitting in my hand! Aaah! I'm going to miss those buggers. Of course I got pictures the day before I let them go. It was certainly a sad day. :(

They were so tiny!
So precious.

I'm pretty sure my dad was right when he said
they were tree frogs. Haha!

They're all sitting on the rock. :)


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