Yippeeeeee!!!! School's out! Now what?

Charly graduated from kindergarten, too. :)
Last year, I graduated from high school. Yesterday, the class of 2013 from my high school graduated. It's such a great accomplishment to say that you've graduated from high school. All of the high school drama is gone (trust me, there's drama in college. You can't really run away from drama...), no more crazy teachers (you get a few of those in college, too), and you get the chance to leave home and stretch out your wings that you have been waiting to try out. For some, it's a great celebration. For others, it's the root of anxiety, fear, and confusion. It's tough to choose where you want to go with the next chapter of the rest of your life, but there's nothing to fret about. Sure, there are issues with finances, but if God wants you there, He can make miracles happen.

For me, it was easy to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Since seventh grade, I wanted to be a biology major, and when it came to where I wanted to go to school, I knew that I belonged at a Christian university, and it surely has helped me grow in my faith. For others, it might not be that easy. Community college is cheaper, okay, but what do you want to do? You don't have to know the answer to that! I've heard from plenty of people that undergraduates change their majors, on average, at least seven times. That's a lot of change! Be willing to be flexible. Know what you like. God has given you all different strengths. You just need to know YOU. Knowing yourself will not only help you with where you want to go career-wise, but it will also help you with making friends. I've been told dozens of times that you meet your lifelong friends in college. Make wise choices! :)

I'm praying for you guys! You'll do great in life.

God bless!