More of my family. :)

I thought I'd have a little "about me" moment:

The following are parts of my family that I love so very much. They get on my nerves at times, but they're my little brats. What can you do?

This is usually what our kitchen looks like: Shih Tzus sprawled across the floor, being lazy bums. On the left is our Salty (Grandpa named her, intentionally trying to make her sound like a sailor). On the right, then, with the cute little red shirt, is our fuzzy Bubbles (Parker named her when she was four. You can't reject a name idea from a four-year-old!).

Out on the farm, if you can call a 1.1 acre lot a farm (there's a barn there; it counts!), there is my baby Valentino. Her daddy Snickers (RIP) was a Dutch rabbit while her mom Bubbles was a wild rabbit and went AWOL when Valley and her siblings were babies. As her name doesn't suggest, she was NOT born on Valentine's day. She was actually born on April 2, 2009, so she just celebrated her fifth birthday this year. Sadly, because I had to be back to school ON April 2nd, we celebrated on April Fool's day this year. I don't think she minded, though. 

Next is my girl, Tinkerbell. She's the pound rescue of the bunch. If you were to meet her now, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you she was completely anti-social when we first met her and brought her home. She didn't want to fetch or ANYTHING. Being a Labrador mix, you would think she is fond of water. Far from it. She is the craziest dog in the world. Rather than wading in the water, Tink would rather sunbathe in the sand. What a dork. Ahh well, she's a good kid. 

You might not think she's much because of her size, being a Rat Terrier and all, but Zoey, the alpha dog of the house, has spunk for her age. She's the oldest of the canine family at twelve years old (something like that.. I've lost count), but she still gets a kick out of hunting garter snakes and chasing sparrows that fly across the yard. It's an interesting time when thunderstorms come because she thinks she can chase the thunder. She's such a smart girl... and very stubborn.

Ooohhh goodness, this girl makes me smile. I can't legally pick favorites because it's illegal, but I love this girl to death. Leni (another name provided by Parker) has the best personality in the world. She's Bubbles' daughter and Moose's (you'll see later) OLDER sister, believe it or not. She gets her size from her dad. Marco (his name was provided by Charly) was a tiny little squirt. I call Leni my little hamster because of how fluffy she can be, and she's always such a cuddle bug. She's always there to please you. If you aren't happy, she'll stick her tongue out at you until you smile and crouch down to give her attention. She loves to love and be loved. One of her favorite things is to play "King of the Mountain" on your back when you lay on your stomach on the floor.

I loved it when this boy came to town. Parker and I had another redhead buddy to hang out with! I love Kodah's color. He tries to be as fit as fiddle in comparison to Moose, but Kodah's a bit on the chubbier side. He's definitely a Daddy's boy when it comes to watching movies and other things. He's even learning quick to hide from the sun because he's a redhead, and redheads don't do well with the sun.

Last, but most CERTAINLY not least (O.o), is our Moose. He looks just like his mom. I occasionally mistake him for Bubbles. I hope he's not offended. Funny story: we named him Moose, and he just so happened to be the biggest of the litter... and wind up being the biggest Shih Tzu in our house. He is such a cuddle bug, and there's so much of him to love! He's all muscle. He loves his tennis balls and thinks he's worthy of sitting in the lawn chairs, but Mom says otherwise. Ha!

Here's my four-legged family. They are definitely an important part of my life, and I wouldn't trade them for anything... Well, that's debatable. Bubbles gets on my nerves occasionally. Haha! :)