Here Goes Nothing! =D

Okay, so I'm going to try a little bit of everything just to see if I can get a hang of what this site has to offer. The description of Blogger (yes, before I agreed to signing up, I was a bit wary, so I read everything that the site had in regards to safety, privacy, and all that. One can never be too careful nowadays) said that the set-up was pretty user-friendly, but is it ME-friendly? I mean, I'm not completely ignorant of what technology has to offer, but I'm not the next Mark Zuckerberg...

Alright.. so I apparently can post links on my blogs? Let's see how this works. There is a "Post Settings" list on the side, and one of them says permalink, but then there's a Link option directly above where I'm typing. I'm going to try linking you all to my family's business:

Well, that's nifty!! When you click on Link, it pops open a window and does the link for you. I wonder if you can do it for yourself. You know... just type it? That's usually what I would do on an e-mail, and it would usually do all the fancy highlighting and underlining of the link after I enter or space.

Yah! Would you look at that? It works! Very good to know. Now... on to something more in-depth: a picture. I don't know about the rest of you, but I counted my pictures that I have posted on Facebook (which includes tagged photos, mobile uploads, Instagram, and Muzy collages, etc. etc. etc.), and I have well over 6200 pictures. Yeah.... it's a sad thought that I take so many pictures, but it's making a point that pictures mean A LOT to me, and, of course, I want to share them with you! Hmm.... well, next to the Link on top, there's a square that looks like a picture.

Look at that sky! God is so good. :)

Wooooooo!!!! We're getting somewhere! When you click on the little picture on the top bar, you get another window that allows you the option of getting pictures from different places, you click on the picture you want to add, and it ends up on the page! Nifty. OoooOoOooooOoooohhh!! If you actually click on the PICTURE (once it's uploaded), you can change the size, where the picture is on the page, and add a caption. That's cool. Hmm.... you can also add videos, but I won't bother with that. That'd be good for future reference if I wanted to make a vlog.. woah. Scary thought. Moving on!
"I once had a quote, but I lost it."
Ahh... the little quote simply sets off quotes by indentation.

Okay, I think I am SET! Let's see how this baby looks on the interweb. I'm so excited (and dorky, but that's okay)!

Phew.. thank goodness there's a "preview" option in the top-right corner in case I want to fix anything before it is official.

Alright! It looks great! I'm so excited to where God takes this blog. I hope I can give Him glory through my craziness.

God bless!