Imagine Mel B from America's Got Talent: "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"

After an uneventful night of conducting frog and toad surveys, I got talking aloud with God about life. Adjusting here in West Virginia has been rough so far, and it's different this time because I'm not one tech in a sea of techs working on a grad project. I am the grad project. I'm flying solo, setting my own path with little guidance. It's lonely. It's overwhelming. I don't really have any friends here yet. It's a little early on and everyone is off doing their own thing in the field. It makes sense, but it doesn't make it any less fun. I need people to pour into and be poured into. I know God is all I need and more, and I'm not saying He's not enough. It's just good to have someone who God can work through to give you what you need, you know?

I have constantly told God through this process of establishing my career that I don't want to do anything if it isn't glorifying Him. I want doors to open (and He knows more than anyone tha…

Change of pace.

It's been since about August 2017 when I last spoke here, and a lot has happened since then. Job changes, mostly, but a lot of heart changes as well. I want to make sure I am conducting this blog for the right reasons. Writing just to write and hope for views, likes, comments, and shares is not what my walk with Christ ought to be about.

I came to the realization after reading posts from years ago that my life is not a dynamic path striving for being in the likeness of Christ. Rather, I have been stuck in a stoic hamster wheel, feeling the highs and lows of whatever circumstances I faced. That is not faith in the immemorial God who created me and neither leaves nor forsakes me. Faith is not based on emotions. Faith is based on wholehearted belief in the knowledge that God is never-changing. He is the foundation of the Body of Christ: the fellowship of believers, learning His Word together and standing together, holding each other up when we are weak. His birth, sacrifice, and resu…

Bloggers' Spotlight: Ask Pastor John

John Piper is well known in Christian circles, and I recently ran into a podcast with an interesting title: "When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark." Being a person whose life is influenced greatly by music in their testimony, it was encouraging that I'm not the only one who scratches my head at some lyrics when I hear them.

Let John speak for himself >>>

God bless!


Lately, there hasn't been much to say because I frankly had been working 12+ hours in a day, so I didn't have the time. Another reason is that this season in my life has been rough. I have seen God in the fields of Kansas with the breathtaking views, but my walk with Him has been seemingly at a standstill. While in Kansas, with my crazy work schedule and inconvenient rural location, finding a church was difficult. Not having that Christian community to go to for encouragement was hard to be without. It reminded me of the time I was working on my senior research in Michigan and had no car--therefore, no church--and was left listening to audio sermons. How did I do it back then? Now, I'm yearning for my church family I left in South Carolina. I miss the friends I made and the community I left behind. Working with non-believers is heartbreaking as well. Pouring out to people and not having a community pouring back into me is an exhausting place to be in for an extended perio…

What are we to do about CEO and NCAA Christians?

Holy Week: The procession of Jesus--Son of God, King of kings, Creator of all things--going from being praised "Hosanna in the highest!" to being charged as a criminal and dying a brutal death on a cross. Easter: The day in which we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and ascension to be seated at the right hand of God. 
This is the time in which everyonepiles in their cars, whether the last time they attended church was that Thursday or Friday, the previous Sunday, or last Christmas. 
As I was getting ready for church this Easter Sunday, one of my housemates made the comment that we should leave early in order to avoid traffic "because all the CEO Christians will be at church today." I was confused, and she elaborated: a CEO Christian is "Christmas and Easter Only." It immediately pained my heart, knowing this phenomenon was true. I felt flooded with feelings of awe and sadness when I drove down Betsy Kerrison Parkway, and the shoulder was lined with cars…

A look at Ezekiel.

Lately, I have been going through the Old Testament major prophets through a Bible plan on the YouVersion Bible app. Oh my goodness, guys. I have to tell you; the most difficult part of this reading plan so far is getting through Ezekiel. It isn't difficult like reading-through-genealogies-in-Exodus-without-falling-asleep difficult, but it's God-is-angry-and-He-is-not-afraid-to-show-it difficult. Why is God angry? His children are disobeying Him by creating idols and worshiping them. The most distinct depiction of how this relationship is going in a downward spiral is in Ezekiel 16 with Jerusalem depicted as an unfaithful wife. I have never heard the Bible so graphic in my days, but that is there for the whole world to see. Long story short: Jerusalem is using God's gifts to worship hand-crafted gods, and God won't have it. Jerusalem is getting what is coming to her.

It breaks my heart to see these people experience famine, war, and disease from the hands of God (and …

An analogy from under the sea.

We as Barrier Island naturalists have professional development every week, and we each have recently been responsible for making a presentation in any subject we like. The only catch is we have to pick a topic in which we can learn more about. This is a fabulous opportunity to gather more information to apply to our classes and see different teaching styles in the process (we're only able to peer-review and see each other teach once in a blue moon).

One thing I have learned so far was that with fouling communities (barnacles and other small epifauna--animals that live on the surfaces of objects), specifically talking about barnacles, have such a strong connection to the object they live on that five THOUSAND pounds of pressure needs to be applied to them in order to separate them.

My first thought and prayer when I heard that: "Lord, let me be attached to You as a barnacle is to a boat dock." Cheesy as that may sound, isn't that what we yearn to achieve? What's …